a fan based version of fairytail where there are 7 kingdom right now in the story there are only 4 light shadow ice and water
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 David Yamamoto

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David Yamamoto
David Yamamoto

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PostSubject: David Yamamoto    David Yamamoto  EmptyTue Oct 29, 2013 6:27 pm

Name: David. D. Yamamoto

Nickname: David




Personality: very friendy

Ability: a healing factor and the power to use his blood for anything

Weapon:two swords

Description or Picture:have Rip gray jeans, Black shirt with a rosario around his neck. His Hair is Very long with Part of it is Black and the Other part is Purple. his Eyes is Sky blue. His body is Fit, not Crazy but it Fit to do Freerunning

Kingdom you are from:can not tell that for now but it is light
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David Yamamoto
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