a fan based version of fairytail where there are 7 kingdom right now in the story there are only 4 light shadow ice and water
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 Fetus Flare

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Name: Fetus "Nito" Flare

Nickname: The Wanderer

Age: 18

Species: Human/Dragon/ Fire Elemental

Gender: Male

Personality: Fetus is calm, kind and always giving what he can to help. He is very patient, waiting for even the longest of times. He sometimes dives head first into a problem which often gets him in more problems than he can handle.

Ability: He can shape shift into a metallic dragon and also controll fire at his will he can make fires that can turn blue and white from the extrem heat and at full power can make fires that are hotter than the suns core but he would most likely die.


Flame Spears: Fetus Flare 5903408333_348ce23fff_z

Flame Sword: Fetus Flare Sword_by_Jeddaka

Dragon Shield:Fetus Flare Dragon_scale_shield

Description or Picture:
Fetus Flare Elder_mechanical_dragon_design_by_haru_naru-d4xm0a6 Dragon Form

Fetus Flare 285px-Anime_Boy_by_chibi_kiro_cb Human Form

Kingdom you are from: Prefers to wander around but if he had to choose Fire Kingdom
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Fetus Flare
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