a fan based version of fairytail where there are 7 kingdom right now in the story there are only 4 light shadow ice and water
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 Gaffey Patches

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PostSubject: Gaffey Patches   Thu Nov 21, 2013 9:54 am

Name: Gaffey Patches

Nickname: Patches, The Guardian, Gaff.

Age: 20

Species: Shapeshifter

Gender: Depends on form but his natural gender is male

Personality: Gaffey is a random kind loving guy that you can see and know that he is loyal. He is caring and willing to stick up to anyone that threatens anyone he cares for. He never does well in romantic situations tending to just move away or stay silent. He is a real bookworm and loves to laugh and play, he can get serious at times but thats hardly ever.

- Can Shapeshift
- Has the ability to fix anything and build anything when he puts his mind to it
- Telekinesis

-Plasma Grenade
-Dual Sawed Off Shotguns
-Blue Widow Spiders
-Shock Sniper
-Steel Warhammer (Betty)
-Dual Plasma Revolvers
-Gatling Gun
-Infinity Pack (Can hold anything and make it feel like there is nothing in it.)

Description or Picture:

Male Form

Female Form

Kingdom you are from: SteamPunk
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Gaffey Patches
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