a fan based version of fairytail where there are 7 kingdom right now in the story there are only 4 light shadow ice and water
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 emerita airgurdar

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sam the queen of fire

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PostSubject: emerita airgurdar    emerita airgurdar  EmptyMon Nov 25, 2013 6:56 pm

Name: emerita airgurdar

Nickname: the  slut

Age: 19 or 20

Species: elf amazon shape changer

Personality: sub

Bio: she's been a slave since she was 13 she enjoys pleasing women she became a slave on her own free will and sold her self to many women before moving into the air kingdom she loves her job also being a abused tied up chained rape and other forms of bdms

Picture or description: she has night black skin with mid back night black hair and blue eyes her muscles are maxed out along with her peck size her veins are noticeable but don't take away form her large muscles and pecks

Abilities: changing herself to fit her mistress needs

Weapons: a spare staff

Mistress: queen Amaterasu Ventus

Kingdom you are from: the air kingdom
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emerita airgurdar
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